Health and Wellness Coaching

Programs & Advice for Your Healthiest Life

Most people think a healthy lifestyle is an all-or-nothing thing. That health and wellness only come to those addicted to green juice, posting yoga pics on Instagram. But the truth is that we all not just have the right to be healthy, we all have the tools necessary to do so. Living well is not about deprivation or punishment. It's not about how many days you go to the gym, and it’s not about swearing off certain food groups.

real Health is created when there's a shift in habits and a constant return to treating your body well. 

There's a lot of BS out there. But here at Smart-Mouthed, through online guided programs and highly personalized one-on-one coaching, I demystify the crazy world of wellness and help you cut through the marketing crap to focus your attention on really treating your body well. I don't do nonsense, so leave the white-washed Instagram pics behind - this is a science-based approach to wellness to help you improve your health and find life-long well-being.

Whether you're dealing with chronic illness, diet addiction, or the inability to find balance, I truly can help. It's hard to learn to trust your body and work with your natural systems. The stories we tell ourselves and the lies we're fed seep into our everyday actions and decisions. 

But we can work together to change that. When working with me, nutritional advice and expertise meets principles from positive psychology to affect total wellness from all angles. Together, we find manageable solutions to your health concerns and you'll learn how to change thought patterns that are preventing you from truly living your healthiest life.

Let's. do. this.