This is NOT a Detox.

Nutrition and Wellness Program: 2 weeks to change your life.

This is Not a Detox is a two-week, whole foods, mind/body reset. It’s a fully guided health and wellness program that will not only provide you with incredible short-term results (re: weight-loss, clearer skin, improved mood), but it will also equip you with the information and motivation you need to continue a healthier lifestyle long after the 2 weeks are over.

Within this program you will receive a dietary guideline for short-term and long-term success, with suggestions for meals, tips for success, and mind-blowing scientific information about different aspects of your health. Everything from the hidden reasons for hunger to the secrets of the supermarket are covered. 

Through guided, personal emails, you will develop a new pattern of thought concerning health, break old habits that are weighing you down, and gain a different perspective on what it means to "burn calories". This is a cleanse to end all detoxes and dieting. It's a plan for health, and a lesson on what it really means to be well.

Finally stop dieting, detoxing, and trying to figure out what living a healthy lifestyle actually means. I know how hard it can be, and I'd love to help make it easier for you.

Through This is Not a Detox you will:

  • retrain your tastebuds to ACTUALLY taste and enjoy natural foods
  • reset your hormones
  • balance your gut bacteria (the biggest health secret in developing science)
  • reduce widespread inflammation
  • repair your immune system
  • stabilize your mood and reduce anxiety
  • calm stress and refocus your mind
  • stop cravings for unhealthy foods
  • get hunger cues back on track (you will NEVER be hungry!)
  • break old, unhealthy habits
  • free yourself from diet beliefs and behaviors that are actually keeping you from success

Don't wait any longer! You do have control and you do have the ability to get healthy once and for all. I'll prove it to you! Let's talk soon!