Why and how you benefit from this particular wellness program.

Why Reset?

Typically, when life gets busy, the first thing to suffer is our health. Ordering in becomes common practice, fitness falls away, and negative internal chatter is the language with which we become most fluent.

The wellness scene these days is all about a "harder, faster, better" mindset. We’re supposed to weigh less, eat less, and move more. ...and it's not working.

Vilifying entire food groups and assigning “good” and “bad” labels to calories is making eating a competition with ourselves. These days, finding health seems hard. But it doesn't have to be.

Not-Tox Notes.

This is Not a Detox is a two-week, total body reset that acts as a template for continued wellbeing.

The point of a reset is that it's do-able. It's 2 weeks of self-dedication - you'll not only clean up your diet and ease inflammation in your body, but you'll also learn to re-frame negative feelings, change patterns, and integrate your mental and physical health.

The goal here is to treat your body well, with compassion and attention. Feed it with whole, amazing foods, nourish your mind with principles from the science of happiness, and change thought patterns that are keeping you from living fully.

I'm gonna be real: this does take some effort. You will need to say no to things.  You will need to make commitments. But, I will be here for you the whole time, helping you out and keeping you going.

This is Not a Detox Includes:

  • A Digital E-Book outlining the “Reset Run-of-Show,” a detailed, but super simple look at the new normal for the next two weeks, and the science behind the changes. This e-book, while guiding the program, is also the outline for a continued healthy lifestyle. It teaches you how to keep the goodness going far into the future.
  • Daily Motivation – A no-nonsense, pom-pom free motivational email that, I promise, will keep you going without the sap.
  • Digital Health Coaching – For level 2/3 programs, I will be available via email THE WHOLE TIME for any questions, comments, little victory celebrations, slip-up confessions, curse words, wise words, and general support.
  • Workbook and Cheat Sheet - For level 2/3 programs, these downloadable tools help you keep track of your progress and make life a little easier during the Not-Tox.
  • One on One Attention - The level 3 program includes two 30 minute phone consultations - one at the beginning, and one at the end of the Not-Tox for goal setting and a personalized planning for the future.
  • Discounted 1:1 Health Coaching with… Me! 15% off any personal coaching sessions (in-person or via phone), during the program or within the next six months.

Programs start at $79, and run on specific dates throughout the year. The E-Book is yours for life. I will be here for you as your personal health coach throughout the program, and very much look forward to developing a relationship with you.

Reset Run of Show

These are the areas in which you will be making commitments for the 2 weeks of This is Not a Detox. It's not about control, it's actually about finding balance - bringing your body back to home base, and setting yourself up for life after the Not-Tox is over.

Mental: In This is Not a Detox, you'll learn how to change negative thought patterns and calm the mind so you can hear what's really going on internally. 

Nutritional: You'll learn what foods to avoid, what to pack into your diet, and why. There are some guidelines for eating on the 2-week program, but from there you'll learn what's good for your body and what doesn't work for you. 

Physical: In This is Not a Detox, you'll look at exercise from a different perspective. You'll learn how to incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle without the need for rigid fitness programs or metabolism-ruining chronic cardio.

This is Not a Detox is a short-term commitment that will set you up for a lifetime of better health. Everything we do in life is predicated on how we feel, and few know just how good that can be. Whether you decide on This is Not a Detox or not, give yourself a healthful gift. You deserve it.